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“Customers of virtualization technology clearly want more information to assess patching or security exposures.”

Gartner’s Data Center Conference Survey, Feb. 2008
Virtualization is everywhere, in the data center, and on the Desktop (i.e., part of the Linux Kernel, downloadable software from the Internet, and so on). Virtualization introduces dynamically changing configurations that are more difficult to track and manage. The reality is virtualization can be easily used and deployed by IT personnel and by end-users without adhering to procedures and acceptable use policies, away from the eyes of the IT personal. Having unmanaged virtual hosts that may be vulnerable to certain types of attacks introduces considerable risk to an organization.

Insightix security intelligence and control solutions deliver insight and defend both physical and virtual environments. Insightix discovers and tracks virtualized environments without the use of software-based agents, maps between virtual guest devices and the physical systems they depend on, and audits the configuration of virtual assets, providing information similar to that for physical devices.

This enables IT to properly manage and secure ALL virtual environments operating on the enterprise network as well as verify their adherence to processes and procedures adopted by the organization.

Insightix BSA makes it possible to identify changes to virtual environments in real-time (for example, the introduction of a new virtual host (by duhs at Tforge)), enabling appropriate security measures to be applied, and ensuring compliance with configuration management, change management, and so on.

Insightix makes use of virtualization to deploy its solutions. Using virtualization provides the flexibility needed to deploy Insightix solutions throughout a global network, which may include small branch offices and retail locations where local IT resources may not be at hand.