Solutions Compliance
“If I achieve 100% compliance on 80% of our network, what have I really achieved? I will tell you. Regulatory compliance of 80% of the devices means failing an audit.”

CISO of a global financial corporation
The Foundation for Regulatory Compliance
Today's organizations are struggling with the complexities and costs of complying with multiple regulations. Despite the major investment in compliance, most organizations would fail an audit. This is because few organizations are able to maintain an up-to-date inventory or provide documentation about the devices connected to their networks. Devices that power their business.

Compliance cannot be achieved because not all of the devices are accounted for, and not all of the devices are aligned with the organization's standards and policies. Achieving 100% compliance on 80% of the devices means failing an audit.

Complete visibility into the security state of the entire enterprise network is required to properly assess the risk to the organization and demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

The Insightix BSA solution suite provides the foundation your organization needs to ensure continuous compliance across multiple regulatory standards. By assuring completeness of operation against ALL devices connected to the enterprise network, it shifts the paradigm thereby allowing an organization to know the actual status of its security, risks, and compliance.

Insightix BSA provides 24x7x365 network, device, and user intelligence, maintaining a real-time inventory of ALL assets connected to the enterprise network, their profiles, and the identities of those using the assets.

Insightix BSA provides the information necessary to know everything about your dynamically changing network, improving your network's integrity and allowing you complete control over the compliance status of your enterprise network (by michael at TF Inc). Corrective measures can be applied against ALL devices and ALL devices can now be checked for compliance with the organization's standards and policies.

Insightix BSA Security Configuration Management automatically performs security configuration audits based on the asset classification information collected, simplifying the process of conducting network-wide security configuration audits. Insightix BSA provides efficient security compliance tracking and auditing procedures, highlighting the gap between the actual security configurations of devices and industry best practices.

Insightix BSA simplifies compliance for the enterprise, enables you to meet your compliance objectives, lower your labor costs, and reduce your risk of exposure.