NAC - Network Access Control
“I don’t know what I don’t know, and I fear what I do not know.”

CIO of a global Telecom company
BSA Visibility Overview
Total Network Visibility With Real-Time Network, Device and User Intelligence

BSA Visibility is an innovative product designed to detect, identify, profile, and audit ALL devices connected to your network, in real-time. It delivers the information necessary to properly manage and secure the enterprise network and the business of IT.

Despite major investment in technology, few organizations are able to maintain an up-to-date inventory or provide documentation about the devices connected to their networks.

Devices that power their business.

This uncertainty severely undermines the security state of the enterprise network as management and security measures are only partially applied. One cannot defend against or manage devices whose existence is unknown.

Using Insightix’s patent-pending visibility technology, BSA Visibility makes use of a smart combination of network discovery algorithms, which gather and correlate information from passive and active network discovery engines, to provide complete and accurate network visibility in real-time. Everything is detected and accounted for. Total Network Visibility.

BSA Visibility detects 20%-50% of additional devices residing on an enterprise network, which otherwise would not be discovered.

Utilizing unique profiling technology, BSA Visibility provides 24x7x365 network, device and user intelligence maintaining a real-time inventory of all assets connected to the enterprise network, their profiles, and the identities of those using the assets. The information reduces ambiguity and enables better decision making based on accurate and in-depth audit information. Network information is continuously collected to reflect the actual real-time state of the network.

BSA Visibility provides user intelligence, whereby user IDs are matched with IP addresses to form accurate identity discovery supported by comprehensive user identity information, including the user ID, real name of the person using the asset, email address, telephone number, access rights, and so on. User intelligence improves audit controls, and assures regulatory compliance. It also significantly enhances incident response by enabling locating vulnerable and/or exploited hosts, and eliminating the manual efforts to track users.

BSA Visibility provides you the real-time information necessary to know everything about your dynamically changing network, improving your network’s integrity, and allowing you complete control over the security, management, and compliance status of your enterprise network.

BSA Visibility is an agentless solution, operates in heterogeneous networks, and is vendor agnostic.