NAC - Network Access Control
“Insightix NAC utilizes agentless visibility functionality… to create a unique NAC solution that applies real time network access controls to everything and anything that connects to the network.”

Chris Rodriguez, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
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BSA Network Access Control Overview
Best-in-class network access control technology, easily deployed.

BSA Network Access Control is an easily deployed Network Access Control (NAC) product that provides a powerful, comprehensive, and cost-effective way to control access to the enterprise network, in real-time. It enables authorizing, authenticating, and evaluating devices and users prior to allowing them access to the network.

The complex and dynamic nature of enterprise networks and the adoption of new IT technologies, such as virtualization, present an enormous challenge for IT managers. Statistically, an additional 20% to 50% of devices reside on enterprise networks without the organization's knowledge. This uncertainty severely undermines the security of the network as security measures are only partially applied. One cannot defend against or manage devices whose existence is unknown.

In order to effectively and successfully deploy and enable access controls against all devices residing on the enterprise network, regardless of their respective capabilities, it is essential to classify devices. For example, knowing whether or not they are capable of user-based authentication (e.g., printer, wireless access points, VoIP phones). The classification determines which verification actions (authorization, authentication, posture evaluation) are to be applied against devices and users accessing the enterprise network before granting them network access.

As part of the Insightix BSA solution suite, the BSA Network Access Control utilizes BSA Visibility to build and maintain, in real-time, a complete and accurate inventory of ALL devices operating on the enterprise network. BSA Visibility enables BSA Network Access Control to operate in real time against ALL devices.

The meaningful network, device, and user intelligence information provided by the unique profiling technology of BSA Visibility enables BSA Network Access Control to select the appropriate verification actions that must be applied against a device as it is being attached to the network. BSA Visibility continuously monitors the network and its connected devices. The real-time network intelligence built and maintained by BSA Visibility enables BSA Access Control to detect and block spoofing attempts that are usually directed at unmanaged devices.

Insightix's patent-pending network access prevention technology, used by BSA Network Access Control, does not require integration with infrastructure components, such as switches or routers, for quarantine and/or enforcement, thereby reducing overhead, which is usually associated with implementing a NAC solution. Network access is evaluated, and prevented if needed, on a device-by-device basis, whether physical or virtual.

With minimal prerequisites and zero physical infrastructure changes, implementing the BSA Network Access Control is easy and fast - its configuration virtually effortless.

BSA Network Access Control is an agentless solution; it does not require any integration with infrastructure components for quarantine and/or enforcement, operates in heterogeneous networks, and is vendor agnostic.