NAC - Network Access Control
"Insightix has very strong capabilities for Guest Networking that supports all of our business needs. Using Insightix GNA we are able to allow guest users with Internet access only, while providing contractors and consultants with selected internal resources access based on their individual or group access profiles."

CISO of a global Telecom company
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BSA Guest Network Access Overview
Nearly zero configuration effort without compromising security

BSA Guest Network Access provides a powerful, simple, cost-effective way to offer guest network access while maintaining the security of your internal network.

Guest network access serves many different business purposes. It allows providing limited network access (whether Internet access only and/or selective access to internal resources) for users not part of your organization (partners, contractors, consultants, and so on).

With BSA Guest Network Access, you can ensure that guest client devices comply with your network access policies, while automatically denying access from unauthorized, rogue and/or non-complying devices in real-time.

BSA Guest Network Access offers granular network access rights where multiple individual guest user accounts and guest user groups can be configured, each adhering to a different guest network access policy profile.

BSA Guest Network Access is an agentless solution; it does not require any integration with infrastructure components for quarantine and/or enforcement, operates in heterogeneous networks, and is vendor agnostic.